CloudMonitor for AWS v1.0.1

There are a number of settings exposed in the settings screen.

From here you may add new accounts, view subscription details (if subscribed), register your software and access our support feature set where you can request features, create support tickets and submit any bug reports.

The slider at the top of the page sets the timeframe between data refresh calls to CloudWatch while the app is open.  It allows you to set any frequency between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in 30 second increments.

Below the slider is a list of accounts you've added for app monitoring.  Each account name is clickable and takes you to the Account Info screen where you can customize the name shown in the app, see the registered AWS account number, and make account-specific settings changes.  You can also get API access information on that screen.

Below the account list, there are a few clickable links.  Depending on your subscription and registration status, they perform the following functions:

Purchase Subscription: Purchasing a subscription at a small monthly cost is required to have more than one monitored account, to monitor more than one region in any monitored account, and to receive push notifications. Purchasing a subscription will allow you to:

  • Add Account:  This link will take you to a screen where you can enter API keys for additional accounts.
  • Subscription Details:  Curious about your subscription expiration date, pricing, and history?  Follow this link.

Register Application: Registering your installation requires providing us with your name and email address, and is required to access our in-app support screens.

  • Request Feature / Track Issue: There are three screens behind this link, all which serve to facilitate communication between you and us at Custodet Nimbus.  There is a screen to request a new app feature, another to request support from us, and a third (hopefully little used) to report problems where the app doesn't seem to work as expected.