Home Screen

CloudMonitor for AWS v1.0.1

The Home Screen for cloudMonitor for AWS has 5 key elements.
Please refer to the screenshot on this page while reading.

There is a date/time value shown under the application screen title, which represents the last time that data was retrieved by this device from AWS.    If it shows "Initializing", the application is performing a full refresh of the alerts monitored and will again show a date/time once the first result (account/region) is returned for display in the application interface.

First, at top left, there is the drill-down selector.  This element, composed of three rows of multi-color dots will drill-down into the data shown in the traffic light when selected - separating the alerts by AWS account.

Settings are accessed by a gear icon at the top right.  On the application settings page  you may add or remove accounts you are monitoring, you can register your software, you can submit feature requests, support requests and bug tickets, and you may subscribe and take full advantage of these features.

Centered in the top area of the screen is a traffic-light style indicator which shows the alerts in Alarm status (red), in Insufficient Data status (orange) and OK status (green).  While you can drill down into the underlying data by account using the drill-down selector, you may also drill into each status, going directly to a list of alerts filtered by the selected status simply by selecting one of the colored circles.

The remainder of the homescreen is taken by a list of recent alarms which may be of note.  The list will dynamically show the most recent set of alert transitions which have taken place in the last 24 hours.  The alerts will show the alert name, the new alert state, a UTC date and the account and region where the alert transition has taken place.  Items in the list are also clickable and will drill into the alert detail screen.