Account Info

CloudMonitor for AWS v1.0.1

This screen allows you to configure display and notification options for the selected account.  Also configurable is the display name of the account in your installation.

The Account name shown is editable here.  Please change to to whatever you want.

Under the editable account name is the AWS numeric account ID and the API key used for this account.  Note that the API secret is not shown on this screen.

Starting with account level switches, you can modify some functionality. They are set to defaults which we don't think you'll want to change, though we thought you may want to tweak their behavior.

The first switch allows you to notify on alert state changes.  If set, notifications will show locally and to all other installations with the same account set up.

The second switch shows or hides autoscaling-related alerts.  When off,  the default setting, autoscaling alerts are not triggered for display in the app. This significantly reduces noise and helps you focus on alerts that are important.

If you decide to show autoscaling-related alerts, the third switch will turn off notifications on this app, which could reduct noise for your coworkers who also use our app...

The last switch will disable from future scans any region where no alerts have been detected.  Regions which have been excluded from scanning via this rule are shown below this switch.  Pushing any regions’ button will re-enable scanning of the selected region on the next scheduled scan.

Lastly, if the application is registered and if you are a subscriber, there is a button which will email you information on how to configure your AWS environment to directly send alerts via push notifications - a much faster option than waiting for a scan to take place.