API Usage – CloudWatch

So far, you've set up everything you need to send alerts to you via push notification.  With this step we set up CloudWatch so that alerts which really matter to you are send to you via push notification, quickly and efficiently.

We suggest that you use this feature only for alerts which you need to know about in short order - otherwise important alerts get lost in the noise.

To set this up, simply view any CloudWatch alert of interest in the AWS web console.  When viewing the alert of note, under the 'Actions' menu onscreen, select 'Modify and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click the "+ Notification" button to add a new notification.

You have two entries to make. One is to select which transition you are interested in, labeled ""Whenever this alarm:".  Generally this will be "State is Alarm", meaning that you will get an alert when the state transitions to "Alarm".  Often, you will need to add alerts for transitions to "State is Alarm" and possibly also to "State is OK" so you know both when an alert is triggered and also when it is cleared.

The other entry is for where the notification is sent.  For "Send Notification To", select the SNS topic you created in the previous step.

When the alert transitions, this will send alert data to the SNS topic, which will trigger the Lambda function with that data, passing it to our API and from there to your device.

Should you have questions or issues you can always add a support ticket in our app.