API Usage Instructions

Using the CloudMonitor API to push alerts from your AWS infrastructure to you (and other interested parties) couldn't be simpler.

The process of setting this up relies on the same notification methods you use today to get email notifications from AWS.  Instead of connecting the alert notification to an SES topic, though, to send email, you connect it to a Lambda function which calls our API and passes the alert data to us.

If you've never set up alerts in your environment, please read through each steps' instructions.  If you already have notifications enabled and simply want to layer in ours, read the section "Lambda Functions" and you'll be able to quickly set up the functionality needed.

Note that in order to retrieve your API key, you will need to register your software, and to receive notifications, you will need to purchase a subscription.



Links below are in the sequence they need to be built in order to work.  This is in reverse to the above explanatory image.